Welcome to Zero Chippenham

We are a voluntary group dedicated to reducing the impacts of greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions, waste and pollution on our planet to zero. Our first objective is to help our community reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2030.

We have 7 years to make this change and avoid the worst possible effects of climate change. Climate change will affect us all, it cares nothing for politics and is a direct result of our own behaviours.

Zero Chippenham believe that we have the technology to tackle this and are developing a plan to measure and reduce our carbon footprint for homes and businesses.

If you want to join us, have an idea for tackling climate change and have some spare time to volunteer to help tackle climate change please get in touch.

We will be posting ideas, events, projects and facts to help the Chippenham community mobilise and act.

Copyright Zero Chippenham 2023

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