Air Quality Diffusion Tube Project

Zero Chippenham have raised funds for air testing equipment which we will use to monitor air quality in selected locations in our town to highlight the real risk to health and climate from emissions. The above picture is one of our local residents who runs locally and experiences the local air quality first hand and who would like to see this change.

We are pleased to say we have now completed our first step and raised the all important funds to commence air quality monitoring in the town. We have identified 3 sites and a fourth will be funded by a private resident on their own property. In addition we are also working on a innovative tracking solution – more on all of this in due course.

We are receiving external expert advice on position of the monitors to ensure they are providing useful data. We have consulted Wiltshire Council for their own methodology and are now procuring the diffusion tubes ready to be positioned in the town.

The data itself will be collected monthly, over a period of a year and samples from our monitors lab tested in special air quality testing facilities to produce robust data.

The data will be used to highlight the reality of our air quality in Chippenham to our fellow residents and also approach policy makers to consider making appropriate changes to planning and other investments to ensure there is a sensible transition to zero carbon and clean air in future.