Air Quality Testing #1 Mobile “Flow” monitoring

On 4th October we started the bedding in phase of our new mobile portable Air Quality monitor which we hope to start collecting data to share with the community in a weeks time from then.

The device will be worn by our members who walk, cycle, run, drive and walk to school around Chippenham. It will map the results and we hope to be able to publish safe walk zones to avoid the worst pollution and also use the evidence to reinforce further studies we will do using static diffusion monitors which are under our second air quality project.

The “flow” monitor is available to purchase on-line, it costs £159 and we chose it because of its software linked to an App which gives real time Nitrogen Oxide data from when we choose to wear the device.

If you are interested in supporting the project either by wearing the device on specific routes around Chippenham or just to share the results please get in touch via our contact page.