Air Quality

Air quality is a major concern nationally and in certain areas of Chippenham we are no exception. Also, with the planned future development of more housing in the town we have concerns that the problem will continue to get worse. Air quality is a health and climate emergency which is why we have fundraised to support two projects to tackle this. Both projects involve collection of data and highlighting the dangers to tackle this in our community.

Air Quality Testing #1 Mobile “Flow” monitoring

we have recently purchased a hand held device which can track air quality while you are on the move. We have commenced the bedding in phase of the device on 4th October 2019 and in a weeks time we will be sharing our journeys using the device tracker app.

You can find out more about our mobile air quality testing project here

Air Quality #2 Diffusion Tube Project

Wiltshire Council already monitors some streets in Chippenham and we have met with officers to discuss their methodology and findings so far. To date they have been very engaged and supportive with our plans to conduct our own monitoring, they have concerns about air quality and health impacts and share our concerns on climate.

We have raised funds to place diffusion tubes in 4 locations in Chippenham and over the coming months we will be starting the implementation phase. More info on the diffusion tube project here

If you are interested in this project and want to volunteer your time or expertise to help us please get in touch.