Case Study: Solar PV Buying Scheme Installation

Zero Chippenham Solar discount scheme has been running for a few months and we are delighted to be able to share our first case study with you from one of the installations that has taken place. The words below are from the residents themselves, unedited.

“For several years I had been interested in installing solar PV to supply clean energy for my
home but found the cost prohibitive. At the launch event for Zero Chippenham’s Community
Discount Solar Panel Scheme I discovered the cost had fallen (aided by the scheme’s
discount of up to 20%) to affordable levels, along with the benefit of greatly improved
technology. Additionally there was the reassurance that ZC had used their expertise and
time to pre-screen the installation partners.

Having registered my interest in the scheme with Zero Chippenham, I contacted the
recommended company Solarsense. A consultant visited my home to conduct a survey,
explain the technology and installation process, make recommendations for the property and
quote for the work.

Chippenham Resident with new Solar PV installed through local discount scheme

My project manager at Solarsense arranged for a local company to erect the required
scaffolding prior to installation of the solar panels by courteous, efficient and tidy workmen.
The work had been completed within 3 weeks of my initial contact with Solarsense. The
system could not be commissioned by Solarsense’s electrician however until I arranged for a
local electrician to replace my out-dated consumer unit. Throughout the process Solarsense
staff have been professional and have responded swiftly to any communication.

My 4-bed semi is now being supplied with clean electricity from an array of 12 solar PV
panels (4.02kW capacity) with the additional benefit of plenty of hot water courtesy of a
‘Solar iBoost’ which diverts excess energy to the hot water tank. My gas boiler was switched
off at the end of March with this year’s warm sunny Spring weather.

It is estimated that the cost of the PV installation will be recouped over a period of 10 years
in my particular case. I consider that the value of my property is also likely to be increased
by having the ability to generate its own clean electricity.

If you are a Chippenham resident or reside in any of these postcodes (SN11,12,13,14,15), the scheme is open to homeowners who are looking to invest in Solar PV to tackle climate change. email us on or use our contact page and we can provide you with more information. our main web page for the scheme is found here.

The scheme is run by volunteers, it is not for profit, designed to facilitate discounts and good quality installations from the installers who have been pre-vetted. As a homeowner you have two installers to speak to and you will be contracting with them when it comes to making your decision. Both installers can also provide their quality, safety and competency credentials and will comply with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme standards.