Dates for Next Zero Chippenham Meetings

Until further notice we are not holding public meetings due to the Coronovirus situation. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the available scientific advice. We will also aim to use technology to meet and are looking at options for this too.

Chippenham Climate focused area board, 3rd Feb 2020. 6-9pm Sheldon School Refectory

This is a special and timely opportunity to find out more about the climate and ecological crisis, meet representatives of local organisations acting for change, and contribute your thoughts about what local government can and should do to tackle the issues. More here

New Solar Buying Scheme Launch Event Tuesday 29th October 2019

Neeld Community and Arts Centre | High Street | Chippenham SN15 3ER

Our new community solar buying scheme offering discounts of up to 20% off Solar PV systems for residents of SN11,12,13,14 and 15. All welcome to come along and find out more about the scheme and meet the installers. More here.

Chippenham Council to debate Climate Emergency Motion on 27th March 2019

This week Chippenham Town Council will meet at 7pm at Chippenham Town Hall to debate among other things a vitally important Climate Emergency Motion. This motion is one of the most important sessions in the full council’s working agenda and a positive vote will send an important message to the community and to government that action must be taken now to avert a 3 degree future or worse (the point at which climate change becomes out of our control).

Climate Change Public Meeting, Chippenham Town Hall 18th March 2019 7pm

Nikki Jones Climate Change Expert

On 18th March there will be a public meeting where Chippenham residents, businesses will be able to hear about Climate Change and it’s effects on our local community. Climate Change Expert Nikki Jones is keynote speaker at the event where we will outline reason behind Climate Emergency Declarations for Chippenham. Details of the event were published in the Gazette and Herald this week here:


Sustainability Day

October 2018 saw Chippenham residents treated to a high quality line up of sustainability experts, international authors and an MEP alongside most of the North Wiltshire based community environmental groups. Found out more about the day here

North Wiltshire Sustainability Conference

Hugely successful business conference focusing on sustainability. More to follow

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