Case Study: Zero Chippenham Home Solar Buying Scheme Installation

We are delighted to be able to share our first case study from our Solar PV buying scheme which was completed recently. Please click here

Have you filled in the new Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan Surveys – Online now

Launched on 26/3/2020, Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan has now launched two important residents surveys which you can fill in on line now.

If you have ever asked the question “why are all these new build houses not got solar? OR why are the cycle lanes so poor? OR why can’t houses be built to Passivhaus standard? OR why can’t we build more businesses so people work in the town they live in and reduce commuting?” then go onto this link and fill in both surveys and make our town greener for better forever

Zero Chippenham meetings postponed

Until further notice we are not holding public meetings due to Coronovirus. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the available scientific advice. We aim to use technology to meet and are looking at options for this too.

Chippenham Climate Focused Area Board Event 6pm-9pm, Monday 3rd February, at Sheldon School Refectory

This is a special and timely opportunity to find out more about the climate and ecological crisis, meet representatives of local organisations acting for change, and contribute your thoughts about what local government can and should do to tackle the issues. find out more here

Zero Chippenham Tree Planting – Carbon Offset Scheme

30th November 2019 launch of our local tree planting carbon offset scheme to help Chippenham residents offset their hardest to tackle emissions and hit our target of Zero Carbon for Chippenham by 2030. Find out more here

Zero Chippenham Start-up crowdfunding launched

Please check out our page on this important step for our community. We are setting up a community owned energy organisation and need donations to get us established. The web page is here or you can go straight to donate via this link.

Launch of Chippenham Solar PV Buying Scheme

We are delighted to announce we are now collecting expressions of interest from local residents of Chippenham and the villages who wish to buy solar together to get better value and prices through our new scheme. Check out our page about it here

Monkton Park Primary – Community Event 22/6/19

Fantastic day at Monkton Park Primary School fete, demonstrating our new interactive carbon miles game. The first of our new school education events tackling climate emergency. See more here

Clean Air Day 20/6/19 – Air Quality monitoring launched

Today on Clean Air Day Zero Chippenham launched our Air Quality monitoring project to tackle this health and climate emergency in the town. The article in the Gazette and Herald heralds the start…/17718267.clean-air-da…/ We are now setting up air quality monitoring equipment in strategic high pollution locations in the town to monitor and record the data.

Chippenham Council Climate Emergency Task Force

Chippenham S&R Committee have voted this evening (12/06/19) to set up a Climate Emergency Advisory task force to create plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The committee recognises the need for collaboration with experts in their own community to advise the council on how to tackle this challenge.

Zero Chippenham Awarded grant from Chippenham Area Board

This week Zero were delighted to receive a grant towards important materials and tools for our public engagement activities this year. The money will be spent on equipment we need to provide presentations, display materials and also conduct public attitude surveys in the community. It will also help fund our “how green are your bananas” game which we are using at school fetes this summer in the area.

Government attitude tracker May 2019 – record concern about Climate Change and record support for renewables

Every quarter the government releases a survey of public attitudes towards environment and energy issues. Key results this time of note: 80% of people worried about Climate Change; 7 in 10 people think Climate Change is having an effect in the UK now; 69% think UK gov not investing enough in renewables; 84% support renewable energy. Find more here

Important CCC report (02/05/19) says government should adopt 2050 Net Zero target

The Committee on Climate Change released its much awaited report today, telling the UK government that a) all the technology is here and b) 1.2% of GDP with a good and fair plan for citizens can achieve Net Zero by 2050. The report can be found here

Zero Chippenham is looking for Community Energy Solar sites in Chippenham.

We are looking for solar sites to build Solar PV in Chippenham. At this time we are looking for community or commercial buildings who want solar, can use the power and have roofs available. We have access to community energy funds to help our community own solar o our roofs to tackle climate change and offer cheaper cleaner power. Contact us via our contact page if you are interested or know someone who could be interested.

Sheldon School Joins The Battle Against Climate Change!

We met the Eco Council at Sheldon School on Monday and they agreed to partner with us in taking practical action in our own communities here in Chippenham. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, Sheldon’s Eco Council have great plans, more here.

Today is the day that Chippenham Town Council vote on the motion to declare climate emergency

Please urge your councillors to support the motion to declare a climate emergency. The time to act is now to avoid 3 degrees tipping point where we lose control of the climate change and change our society forever.

Powerful Messages from Zero Chippenham Climate Event Speakers

Town councillors and members of the public gathered to hear climate change speaker Nikki Jones, Pete West of Wessex Community Energy and other speakers talk about the challenge and solutions to the climate crisis, now being called a ‘Climate Emergency’ by many. Find out more here

Zero Chippenham members support Campaign protect Chippenham-Calne cycle path from closure

ZC Chair Nick Murry and fellow member Austen Espeut demonstrated ZC’s opposition to the possible closure of the Chippenham-Calne cycle path – the ‘River Route’. Find out more on our dedicated page here.

Sign the petition to save the Chippenham to Calne Cycleway from closure

Last week we heard there were plans to close the Chippenham to Calne cycleway, a traffic free 9mile stretch much loved by North Wiltshire residents. Over 4000 people have signed so far, please sign to keep the pressure on to maintain this important cycle route and beauty spot. Find the link here

Zero Chippenham Air Quality Project Crowdfund fund raise total so far…

Our Air Quality testing project is well underway and one of the first initiatives to raise funds has taken place. One of our members has run a gruelling 20mile off-road race and helped us get to £503 to date. We will be keeping the page open for more donations. Please follow this link to find out more about this project and to get involved.

Zero Chippenham & Wessex Community Energy Network Partnership in Gazette & Herald

Zero Chippenham and Wessex Community Energy Network were in the news yesterday for our new partnership going forward. We are actively seeking potential community energy projects we can find funding for. The article is found here in this weeks Gazette and Herald newspaper

Breaking News: Wiltshire Council Declares Climate Emergency!!

Today Wiltshire Council voted to declare a climate emergency and has agreed to focus on achieving carbon neutrality by 2030! Today is a major milestone and we are ready and able to help tackle his vital challenge.

Details of the event where members of Zero Chippenham also demonstrated were published in the Gazette and Herald this week and can be seen here:

We are fundraising for Air Quality Testing Equipment

One of our team is fundraising to help Zero Chippenham purchase Air quality testing equipment. The target is £1000 and Alex Lockton is running 20 miles on 10th March to help raise the funds. If you are a Chippenham resident concerned about air quality then please donate here

CCC Report UK Housing out today

The Committee for Climate Change has released its report into UK Housing and fitness for tackling climate change. The results are damning, emissions are up and they have made clear recommendations for change here

Zero Chippenham joins Wessex Community Energy Network

This week Zero Chippenham signed a memorandum of understanding with Wessex Community Energy network ( to further strengthen our mutual plans to develop more community owned energy projects and tackle climate change.

Wessex Community Energy network has 48 members within the south west region and is supporting groups like ours by sharing best practise between groups and helping promote members activities.

CAVE becomes Zero Chippenham!

After 13 years operating under the name of CAVE (Chippenham and Villages Environmentalists) our group has decided to rename to put absolute focus on the challenge in front of us facing climate change.

Zero Chippenham is made up of the same core of individuals and some new members, who after the success of two major events run in Chippenham in October 2018 decided to accelerate our plans and ambition with renewed urgency.

Zero Chippenham focuses firstly on reducing Carbon emissions for Chippenham to Zero by 2030, following the lead of Bristol, London and other towns and cities who share our concerns. Our aim beyond Co2 emissions is to reduce waste, water conservation and improve our environment for local residents.

Sustainability Day Comes to Chippenham

Big Green Week in October 2018, a week of action promoting sustainable growth and action to combat climate change, saw one of the biggest community sustainable events in the South West at Chippenham Town Hall.

Organiser, Nick Murray who chairs CAVE said of the event, “I’d like to thank everybody who helped make the Sustainability Day a huge success. We heard from some amazing speakers on all sorts of topics from plastic pollution to hydrogen vehicles. There was a fantastic array of local groups exhibiting and fund activities for families at Wiltshire Scrapstore stand.

“underlying the event was  a serious message –  our ocean and climate are in serious trouble and we all need to do our bit to secure the future for the next generation. The good news is that we still have time to change things if we act now.”

The event attracted a line-up of expert speakers including Molly Scott-Cato MEP, Mark Lynas – the author of Six Degrees, Our future a hotter planet, Nathalie Fee the founder of City to Sea, Kevin Fothergill of Hydrogen Hub and Bronwen Jameson from Recycling Technologies.

The range of exhibitors included The Bristol and Avon Canals Trust, The Ramblers Association, Malmesbury Against Plastic, Off The Ground, Refill Chippenham, Transition Town Marlborough, Wiltshire Scrapstore, and CAVE ourselves.