Our Projects

Zero Chippenham has 5 core focus areas for our projects include Air Quality, Zero Carbon Transport, Community Energy, Community Engagement and Re-forestation (tree planting). Below are our main project areas plus a few other examples of our current and past work.

Tree Planting – Carbon Offset Scheme

We are delighted to announce the launch of our very first carbon offsetting scheme in collaboration with the local farming community, to offer members of the public chance to purchase and plant trees in our local area to offset some of their carbon emissions. To offset your hard to tackle emissions here

Air quality

Air pollution from diesel and petrol vehicles not only causes thousands of premature deaths but it is damaging the long-term health of our children.  It is a localised problem for which the first priority is identifying where people (and particularly children) are being most affected.  We are therefore investing in equipment to monitor key roads and junctions do that measures can be taken to reduce this pollution. We are also purchasing equipment that will help identify and monitor routes that are safer for walking, running and cycling (‘low emission routes’). Find out more here

Electric Vehicle Projects

Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions and reduce air pollution. We are working to speed up the inevitable transition to EVs by raising awareness about their benefits and promoting the installation of EV charge points to enable the change to happen.  We are planning an Electric Vehicle event to enable people to learn about and test drive EVs, in the early part of next year.

Improving Chippenham’s Cycle network

Already underway, involving consultation and plans with local and national stakeholders. Watch this space

Community Energy Projects

Generating and consuming energy from renewable sources is key to preventing dangerous climate change.  Supporting the uptake of renewable energy (such as solar panels) in our community will help accelerate the transition to a zero carbon future.  Find out more here about our community energy projects

On 5th March 2019 we were in the Gazette and Herald (here) promoting our partnership with Wessex Community Energy network, who are assisting us with funding of projects we identify in our town.

Community Engagement Projects

We are aware our community members need help and part of our role is to reach out and find ways to find out what people need to take urgent action to tackle our climate emergency. We will be present at local events, school fetes, potentially pop up stalls and shops and even outside supermarkets to ask you what you need. Please get in touch if you want to get involved. Find out more here

Carbon foot print

Zero are dedicated to reducing Chippenham’s Carbon Footprint, to do this we need to measure our baseline and publish it to track our progress. Work has begun on the modelling and more information will be updated here. Find out more here

Historical Projects (CAVE Projects)

CAVE was the name Zero Chippenham had until December last year. The group has run for 12 years and run many successful projects which you can find here.

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