Community Energy

One of our big tasks over the next 11 years is helping the Chippenham community shift towards Zero carbon through use of renewable energy on their buildings.

Renewable energy is the perfect win win, it uses free energy from the sun and wind, its healthy, it saves you money and even more importantly it gives people back control of their energy. No longer do communities need to feel they are in the grip of large corporations when Community Energy offers such an effective empowering alternative.

Zero Chippenham Community Energy start up Crowdfund – please donate

We are now in the process of setting up Zero Chippenham with a form of charitable status which will allow us to undertake all of our activities and raise funds for investments in community energy and other initiatives under a more formal status. This helps give community members and investors comfort that we will be properly established, transparent and regulated as a charitable community interest organisation. Find out more here.

Chippenham Solar PV Buying Scheme

Supported by the Wessex Community Energy Network and others, we will be introducing a ‘Buying Scheme’ to enable local people to purchase solar panels with confidence and at discount prices, we are now open to expressions of interest from residents of Chippenham and the local villages, you can find out more here

Community Energy on Public and Commercial Buildings

One of our first steps is mapping the town roofs, we are looking for volunteers to help do this. We are also interested in hearing from residents and businesses who are interested in getting help to get renewables for their premises.

We can offer routes to third party community energy funders for homes and businesses who are interested in having Solar PV installed. We also hope to introduce other forms of funding through ethical partners for other renewables and energy efficiency technology.

We expect to secure funding as well as tap into other energy efficiency and renewable heat technology as well as solar to make sure you can get your best bang for your buck and in some cases systems free of charge or at least lots cheaper than if you chose to purchase alone.

Our team has lots of experience in renewables and we have some experienced community energy partners who are here to help us piece this together for Chippenham. As a reminder, we are not for profit – we want to make Chippenham Zero Chippenham in every way we can, that’s what drives us.