Zero Chippenham members support Campaign protect Chippenham-Calne cycle path from closure.

ZC Chair Nick Murry and fellow member Austen Espeut demonstrated ZC’s opposition to the possible closure of the Chippenham-Calne cycle path – the ‘River Route’.

Nick said: “The River Route is currently used and enjoyed by thousands of cyclists, runners and walkers, as well as enabling the pollution free, active travel that Wiltshire Council should be supporting.  If Wiltshire Council is considering withdrawing support for the route, it needs to be open about this so we can all work together to secure its long term future.”

Zero Chippenham believes that active travel cuts carbon, prevent air pollution and needs to be part of a sustainable future. Protecting existing and developing new cycle networks is a critical part of a zero carbon future.

To sign the petition, visit

Photographer, Siobhan Boyle of the Gazette and Herald!