Zero Chippenham Start up crowd funding

We are establishing Zero Chippenham under a formal structure to give local residents and investors comfort that we are a properly structured charitable organisation and enable us to take on bigger projects to tackle climate change.

As we are developing our plans we are needing to raise types of money to invest in community energy and tree projects and many other things related to our 5 core focus areas. To do this we recognise there needs to be a properly regulated structure and so we are now setting this up.

We have launched a fund raise asking Chippenham and villages residents to donate to help set this up properly and also give us a small fund to develop our first community energy projects. Zero Chippenham is dedicated to the wellbeing of the people in our area and needs to raise money to tackle this frightening climate emergency we are in.

We have plans for the next 11 years to develop projects to help people who can pay and importantly raise money for those who can’t pay to have the solutions to climate change. Setting our organisation up properly to do this is a key step.

We need donations to get us to at least £5k to help get this moving, the link is here